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By Amin Sarhan - May 9, 2010

Spectacular Victoria Falls
شلالات فيكتوريا المذهلة

Victoria Falls is located in southern Africa on the Zambeze River on the borders between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls are 1.7 km wide and 108 meters high, an extraordinary spectacle. Water dropping into a narrow and very deep abiss. In local language it is called Mosi-oa-Tunya which means the Smoke that Thunders.
تقع شلالات فيكتوريا في أفريقيا الجنوبية على نهر زامبيزي على الحدود ما بين زامبيا وزيمبابوي. والشلالات بعرض 1.7 كم وارتفاع 108 مترا، وهي مشهد مذهل. تصب المياه في أخدود ضيق وعميق جدا. وتسمى في اللغة المحلية "موزي اوا تونيا" و تعني الدخان الراعد.

"The Devil's Pool" is a natural swimming pool formed in the rocks, 108 meter high on the rim of Victoria Falls!!!
"بركة الشيطان" هي بركة شكلتها الطبيعة من الصخور على ارتفاع 108 متر على حافة الشلالات.

Challenging Danger    تحدي الخطر
Victoria Falls also known as "Mosi oa-Tunya" ("the smoke that thunders") is positioned almost exactly half way along the mighty Zambezi River's 2700 km journey from it's source to the sea.
Here the river plunges headlong into a 100m vertical chasm spanning the full one-and-a-half kilometre width of the river.
Creating the biggest curtain of falling water in the world and also one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
Victoria Falls is approximately 1700m wide, and varies in height from 80-108 meters. Around mid-April is when peak flood waters occur. Roughly 625 million litres of water flow over the edge per minute. This huge volume of water produces a spray that rises up to 1650 feet into the air.

David Livingstone... Born in Scotland, David Livingstone arrived in Africa in 1840. He was a missionary and a physician.
In 1855 he set off down the Zambezi to find for himself the “Smoke That Thunders” which the local tribesmen called Mosi-oa-tunya. Livingstone named the falls in honour of his monarch Queen Victoria.

Livingstone island offers a view of Victoria Falls that is incomparable to any waterfall anywhere in the world.
For the best in African holidays, destination weddings, luxury hotel accommodation and obviously the most death defying view in the world, Livingstone Island at Victoria Falls is the place to visit.
Victoria Falls! Devil's Pool, Livingstone Island, Zambia


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